CNC12 Probe cycle

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CNC12 Probe cycle

Post by Houseman303 »

can you clearly define the probe cycle when updating? I had to try out where the 3D probe goes. That's not professional.

I tested 1 axis and web and the measured value referred to G54. That's not good. It should always refer to G53 and querying which reference point you want to save the measured values ​​would be very practical.
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Re: CNC12 Probe cycle

Post by cncsnw »

The Probing cycles have two purposes:
1) Part measurement and inspection
2) Stock location for setting Part Zero

The dialog box that reports the measurement results (location and size of the feature) is intended solely for part measurement and inspection. Locations are reported relative to the current work coordinate system, so that you can set the WCS zero before you start probing, then get results that are relevant to the part.

What you refer to as "G53" coordinates, Centroid calls "Machine Coordinates". G53 is not a coordinate system; G53 is a one-shot move, done with reference to Machine Coordinates.

When you use a probing cycle to set stock location, then you ignore the results dialog box (just press any key to dismiss it and return to the Part Setup screen). All probing cycles except single-axis end up with the probe positioned on center at the located feature. Therefore, once the probing cycle is done, you go back to the Part Setup screen and -- without moving the axes -- simply use F10/Set to set zero on X and/or Y at the current position.

There is never a need to read positions from the probing dialog box and later type them into the WCS Origins table, so there is no need to have those positions reported in Machine Coordinates.

The Single-Axis cycle is the odd one out, and this does trip up new users. It is useful only for inspection and measurement: the measured position is reported in the resulting dialog box. But because the single-axis cycle backs off to a clearance position, you cannot subsequently use F10/Set on the Part Setup screen: the axis is no longer at the measured surface.

If you want to do the equivalent of a single-axis probe, then set part zero at the probed surface, you just use F4/Auto on the Part Setup screen. You do not go to the F5/Probe menu in that case.
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Re: CNC12 Probe cycle

Post by cnckeith »

you may also find swissi's probe app interesting. more info here.
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