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Acorn + PlasmaSens THC+ Everlast82i hookup

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2023 4:30 am
by specnaz
Hey guys , this is my third time working with Acorn and Clearpath servos, this time our shop already built 9x5 ft plasma table , we wanted to save up some $ a bit with the controller at first and went with PlanetCNC which turns out to be a complete garbage, so back to good old Acorn, now we already purchased a Polabs PlasmaSense THC ... ontroller/ , good thing about it is I can either pull divided or raw voltage from CNC port on Everlast 82i directly into sensor end which is also using 110V for logic, optically isolated etc , the question is how would I make it work with Acorn? Plasmasens Controller end doesn't have serial port out , it has 4 Output signals: Arc Ok, Up and Down and common (normally-open solid-state relay outputs) and 6-36VDC for logic, which would work perfect with Acorn power supplies , my question is if I connect Arc OK, Up and Down into Acorn Inputs, are they programmable to act as THC Z-axis control in CNC12 Plasma ? If not, what other solution would you recommend?

Ps I currently don't have CNC12 Plasma license to try it out , looking for solutions

Thank you!

Re: Acorn + PlasmaSens THC+ Everlast82i hookup

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 1:27 pm
by Joey
Hello Specnaz

the Centroid THC replaces any other THC, no need for up/down outputs with the Centroid THC.
no need to use another brand THC with the Centroid Acorn Plasma system.

BMF Is having good luck running an Everlast80S which can be found at the end of this thread.

Re: Acorn + PlasmaSens THC+ Everlast82i hookup

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 11:02 am
by jcoldon
Acorn does not support up down inputs you need a proma SD unit for that or neuron . buy the tame you buy all that . the acorn thc much better option .
the big plus all your speed and thc settings in the screen profile mgr . so if you need to change them it simple change. no need to do reposting in sheet cam . have 20 files for different thickness cut . personally i used po labs stuff simply put it copy off proma it lacks i leave it at that

i have tested a prime weld 60 on an acorn using a Proma divider it works well . i do the same using Everlast there dividers not very good