Optional Stops - Default Off

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Optional Stops - Default Off

Post by ScullMFG »

Hey All,

Very simply, looking for a parameter or another way to set the default condition for optional stops "on" - I use M01 frequently and I have to turn stops on before running a program every time. Would like for it to be set to a true condition as default.

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Re: Optional Stops - Default Off

Post by cncsnw »

I do not know if there is a parameter setting that would prevent CNC12 from turning Optional Stops back Off at the end of every job.

You could, however, "roll your own" optional stops mode, and tie it to a jog panel (or VCP) key and LED, instead of using the one built into the Run menu.

Your configuration (PLC program, jog panel, VCP, etc.) surely varies, so you would have to do some translation regarding the Aux key and LED; but here is an example of how optional stops can be done.

In the PLC program, make the chosen Aux key (here Aux9) do nothing but turn its own LED on and off:

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IF Aux9Key THEN (Aux9PD)
IF Aux9PD ^ Aux9LED THEN (Aux9LED)
In a custom M1 macro file, "mfunc1.mac" do an M0, conditional on the Aux LED output:

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; M1 - Optional Stop (controlled by Aux9)
IF [#61071] THEN M0
With additional PLC code, you could make it default to being on at every start up, or better yet make it retain the setting through a power cycle and restore it on start up (from an SV_NV_Wn variable).
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