M400S Will not Boot Up

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M400S Will not Boot Up

Post by vestes »

Help, I have a M400S, Serial Number 20541 that was upgrade a few years back to the newer operating system. No more compact flash card, now has an 250G SSD that I purchased from Centroid CNC. For some reason the system will not boot up, it hangs on a screen that says "Booting Desktop ---". Then it just sits there and never boots up. Any ideas, do I need to send my SSD back to be a reformat? I need to get this grizzly mill back up and running.
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Re: M400S Will not Boot Up

Post by cnckeith »

double check both ends of the ssd cable. properly disconnect (with power off) and reseat connectors and try again.
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Re: M400S Will not Boot Up

Post by cncsnw »

Yes, it is worth checking connections. I suspect a corrupted SSHD though.

The "Booting Desktop..." message is part of the Suse Linux boot process, which comes from the SSHD. Normally, the next messages would be "root (hd0,0)" and "Filesystem type is ...". See ca. 0:05 in this video:

A hardware issue on the motherboard is also a possibility. Testing with a known-good SSHD would answer that question.
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