Allin1 Analog input Function?

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Allin1 Analog input Function?

Post by cncot »

My automation direct GS20 has an Analog output connected to the analog input of the Allin1.
When setting it up, for lack of better knowledge, I set it to be 0-10v = 0-100% output load.
Can the allin1 use this information? If not, what is the Analog input of the Allin1 Intended for?
What should I set the Automation direct analog output to represent?

I have included a report file
Thanks, Mike
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Re: Allin1 Analog input Function?

Post by cncsnw »

1) Set Parameter 35 = 6, to make axis #6 refer to your spindle
2) Set Parameter 313 = 0, to indicate that there is no encoder for that axis
3) Set Parameter 57 = 32, to request a PLC-driven load meter for axis #6
4) Set Parameter 990 = 10.0, to indicate that full-scale load is 10VDC

I usually configure the drive to show output current (P03.20 = 3).
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