System Test Issues Auxiliary High speed spindle on Bridgeport Allin1

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System Test Issues Auxiliary High speed spindle on Bridgeport Allin1

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I am using the centroid standard PLC for 4 th axis, should this be found relavent.
I am about to run system test for the first time.
I have built in a 3 hp auxiliary High speed auxiliary spindle (24000 RPM).
It has its own inverter, Identical to the Bridgeport motor.
The Bridgeport has mechanical variable speed
It takes a lot longer to start and stop like (20 seconds) than the 2 hp Bridgeport motor.
The motor/inverter pairs are selected by a manual High/off/low rotary switch.
There is a bit into Allin1 H10 pin 15 (in high gear) and a bit into pin 13(in low Gear) These come from the selector switch.
If both are not asserted, then the selector switch is in the both off position. Aside from these signals, (the control wiring is switched) the computer cannot tell which motor is connected, basically fat, dumb and happy!! The analog out signal represents the speed command and the analog in is the % load.
The High speed motor has to be allowed to be brought down slowly to a full stop by the inverter. This takes about 20 seconds.
nothing can be done until it stops.. No loads can be applied to the High speed spindle until it reaches above 15,000 rpm, so this has to be enforced to avoid damage.
When the high speed motor is stopped the IN ZERO SPEED bit is asserted. Same for the Bridgeport, but much faster as the breaking resistor is used.
In reading about the systests, it says that there is a section on calibrating the spindle speed. How do I proceed thru the systests with this situation? Will The High and low speed bits be used without modification? What, if anything needs to be done to the PLC?
I think there must be some changes, but I am at a loss to define them. I never programmed a PLC. I don't know what your PLC is doing with the spindle. I probably need to hire help, but without knowing what changes are needed, that's premature.
I would be great full for any and all help!
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