Servo/Encoder on Fourth Axis

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Servo/Encoder on Fourth Axis

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I’ve been working to get the fourth axis together on my antique M400 machine. It was working fine when I originally bought the machine (well used) in 2018, but I never had a job for it and blew up the servo drives (SD3 and SD1) in 2019.(I think my solar system was the culprit, I regularly see 257 volts, now I have everything transformed down) I had the drivers repaired and since then the fourth never worked correctly. To be fair I didn’t even try to hook up the fourth until over a year after I got the drives back. I believe I have narrowed the issue to the encoder, which might have been wiped out in the overload incident. When I run the “move sync” and turn the encoder the counts are correct, but the commutator counts like 1-2-7-7-6 I never see 5 and I guess it’s combining the 3 and 4…? I can’t find any real name brand or info on this encoder, it’s on the LeeDan 750W servo motor, which is driving a Centroid branded 5C fourth axis. I have gotten the servo working two or three times for a period of 5 min or so and end up with a “A axis commutator” error - unsurprising. I’ve tried cleaning the encoder disk using electronics cleaner (can make it worse at this point!) to no avail. I’m afraid the issue is electrical/electronic.

So long story to get to the question- is it possible to obtain a replacement encoder which will plug right in with the existing micro plug? Or even better is there a known company which can repair the encoder I have? The best solution to me would be to find a whole new servo, ideally a more modern unit which has better waterproofing and smaller pancake style form factor so this thing takes up less space on my crowded shelves when not in use! If I cannot get a plug and play encoder for the existing drive and I’ve got to figure the wiring out anyway I would prefer to have a much better servo as this LeeDan is kind of a POS to begin with and at the end of its life anyway.
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