8257 ATC Head Up Timeout

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8257 ATC Head Up Timeout

Post by akite »

We started receiving this message when changing tools, I am wondering if it's because we were fine tuning the machine for our needs and had slowed the feed rates down that the ATC has a set amount of time to change tools and that we've slowed the Z axis down too much. We are a small job shop and need our machines to last so we operate them at slower feed rates and we don't use rapids and charge by the time it takes to do job so if it takes longer then we just charge a bit more for it.

If we had slowed it down too much what is a good number to change it back too but still slower than stock?
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Re: 8257 ATC Head Up Timeout

Post by cncsnw »

Your PLC program allows three seconds for the head to move from carousel level to top of travel.
On your machine, that is a little under five inches. Five inches in three seconds would be 100 in/min.
Try setting your rapid rates ("Max Rate") to at least 120 in/min.
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