Meaning of Wire functions on Allin1 DC Probe cable Rev 120113

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Meaning of Wire functions on Allin1 DC Probe cable Rev 120113

Post by cncot »

I have a generic Tool height setter and a Generic probe Both are Normally closed. I want to hook both of them up to my Allin1dc.
Marty explained that I need to use the TT1B cable which has an inverter in it. I need to understand the meaning of meaning of the wire functions table on Allin1 DC Probe cable Drawing Rev 120113 sub assy 11211. specifically Input 772 TT detect, 771 Probe detect, Input 769 Probe Mech., and Input 770 Probe DSP. what is each used for in the all in 1? I need to provide a signal to the Allin 1 that something is connected. I think I need to ground the 771 when I have the probe connected and 772 grounded when the tool height setter is connected, but float (disconnect the signal) when the other device is connected, and float both when nether is connected. IS THIS CORRECT? What is Probe Mech? The touch contact on the device? I think so.. 770 probe DSP, I have NO clue. Is it needed to use the standard 2-3 wire devices? what does the allinone expect to see there and why....? I could use an extra wire...

Marty's suggestion presents a problem: Both devices need the inverter in the cable, but while the cable provides a 772 signal, it will not assert the 771 probe detect! does there exist a Centroid cable with an inverter in it which asserts signal 771? If not I can design an Inverter and connect the probe via another bulkhead connector.

Can anyone please give me the precise instructions to invert the touch detect variable(s) in software? Having that, the whole problem falls apart. I Much prefer this! All I need to do then is build cables...

Second question: My tool Touch probe has an over travel switch. Is the centroid touch off software reliable enough that I will never need it? from the videos I have seen, it seems so. If needed I would put it in the ESTOP loop... Advice, please????

Warm regards, and Thanks in advance
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Re: Meaning of Wire functions on Allin1 DC Probe cable Rev 120113

Post by cnckeith »

while not pertaining to allin1dc directly, reading the Acorn probe manual would be a good place to start for the basics.
then the DP-4 and TT manuals and schematics will also provide good information.
a probe over travel switch can be used and can be made to act like a limit switch, you can 'hijack' a limit input or for more control edit the plc program to add this feature.
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