Haas VF-1 1994 Retrofit to Centroid Allin1DC - Custom MPG & Buttons

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Haas VF-1 1994 Retrofit to Centroid Allin1DC - Custom MPG & Buttons

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Any guide on this will be appreciated.

I am using a rotary selector for the axis and the wiper signal should I take it from COM negative ? Attached is the image from your drawings which I have wired all but left is the return signal to tell control on which axis is selected. same will apply to the jog speed and LED

I have added 2 more buttons to my cabinet for cycle start and feed hold. any idea on how to wire them to input and assign them as buttons?

was stuck on the home switch but Marty's video has help, as axis reversal, will swap the wire of limit switch tomorrow.

if you out there thanks a ton Marty for you efforts in explaining.

will update my progress on my other post soon.

Thanking you all in advance.

MPG Wiring.JPG
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