Oak DRO "1/2" Function (set part 0 center point)

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Oak DRO "1/2" Function (set part 0 center point)

Post by mrichards »

Oak CNC v12
Being used to a manual mill with DRO, I made use of the "1/2" button very frequently and would like to duplicate it in with Aux keys in Oak.
If not familiar, the button is used to set zero to the center of two points; Touch off point 1 the zero the axis, then touch of second point and hit the 1/2 button. The axis would update the zero point to be halfway between the first and second points (e.g.; the center of a part, etc.)

This doesn't seem to be to hard to code, just wondering if the feature / or code has already been implemented before I re-invent the wheel.
I figure there are two approaches;
1.- A dedicated button for each axis (burn up 3 buttons total, but probably more user friendly )
2.- A single button that askes the operator to input which axis to update (only 1 button, slightly less convenient, harder to program)

I will be setting up a electronic touch probe for finding part zero, I'm familiar with that option, just want to have the manual option for use with a mechanical edge/center finder, 3D Haimer probe, etc.


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