Servo drive shutdown

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Acorn CNC Controller: No
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Re: Servo drive shutdown

Post by cncjeff1 »

RESOLVED. I tried shorting the inputs on the PLC3/3, but nothing changed on the diagnostic screen. I swapped out the fibers one by one and found that everything worked when I substituted the CKS fiber. All good now. Thanks to all.
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Re: Servo drive shutdown

Post by cncsnw »

An important takeaway here is that CNC7 and CNC10, combined with an RTK2, PLC15/15, PLC3/3 or SERVO3IO, will report "401 PLC failure detected" if there was valid PLC communication, and then it went away.

But they will not report "401 PLC failure detected" if they never had valid PLC communication in the first place.
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