More CNC11 to CNC12 Upgrade Questions

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More CNC11 to CNC12 Upgrade Questions

Post by BodeRacing »

So I have the NUC loaded with the CNC12 software but no PLC program.

Can I just copy my old old PLC program into CNCM folder and then compile it? Can I utilize one of the newer PLC files in CNC12 and then just customize it with my changes? When I modified my PLC file, I am now not sure I modified and used the correct one. I used oak-mill-basic.src but I now see that there was oak-mill-basic-v2.src in the same CNCM folder. So now I am not sure I modified and used the correct file. Is this a big deal?

What confuses me is that if I try to make a new PLC program in CNC12, it wants to replace the cncm.prm.xml and cncmcfg.xml files which are the only two files the instructions had me copy from my report.

What should I do about my PLC program? Also, where is all the data stored specific to my mill, like backlash compensation? How does that get restored? How do all the parameters get restored?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: More CNC11 to CNC12 Upgrade Questions

Post by cncsnw »

If you are happy with the functions of your existing PLC program, just copy it over.

The only significant reasons to update your PLC program when updating from CNC11 to CNC12, are if you plan to use either the VCP or the wireless USB MPG.
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