Renishaw MP11 Probe Setup

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Re: Renishaw MP11 Probe Setup

Post by BodeRacing »

Aly-Tek wrote: Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:27 pm
Hi BodeRacing, That's the same setup I'm trying to install. But it looks like you've only used 8 pins and the Renishaw OMI-2T has 13. Any chance you could share the wires and pinouts you used and any install notes I need to be aware of? It would be very much appreciated ;)

Many thanks,
My comments:

- - I need to make some changes. Atrump did not enable tool touch off detect so I did not use it. I did not think it existed in the control, but it does. Parameter was not enabled. The folks on this board helped me figure it out. I need to add it and haven't had the chance yet.

- - I should of spent the money to buy an I/O expansion module. I still might. So I kind of cheated. I would of done more of it in the PLC if I had more outputs available.

- - I did not take the time to read the PLC programming instruction manual. So I kinda winged it on past experience. Not sure the programming is what it should be but it works.

- - I used AUX buttons to enable the spindle and tool touch off probes. See the PLC program for details.

- - JB is the junction box I added at the probe connector.

See if my stuff makes any sense to you...............
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Renishaw Probe Wiring rev May 15 2020.pdf
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Drawings PDF Version rev May 27 2 2020.pdf
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