Axis Calibration

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Axis Calibration

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Before doing the Axis Calibration you must have configured CNC12 correctly, based on how your axis drive is setup (steps/rev), your OVERALL Turns Ratio which is your how many turns of the axis motor does it take to move the machine ONE INCH. For example, if the machine has a 5TPI ballscrew, and is direct driven by the motor, then it would have an overall turns ratio of 5. If the same machine has a 5TPI ball screw with a belt reduction of 2:1, then the machine would have an overall turns ratio of 10 (Note: you don't have to have the overall turns ratio perfect but close would help. Following the two documents will dial the overall turns ratio in much more closely.)

Your axis must be moving in the correct direction.
You should have all limit/home switches set up and functional

The attached two documents will help you setup the Overall turns ratio. First by doing the Coarse DRO Adjustment and then finally do the FINE DRO Adjustment, using a known standard. 1-2-3 blocks will get you quite close for example. Stacking three 1-2-3 blocks will give you close to 9". They must be setup as parallel to the axis as possible. The longer the standard used, the better.

The two attached documents came from the All in One/OAK installation manuals. The calculations still pertain to Acorn. You just use the Axis configuration tab in the Wizard to enter the values instead of using F1 Setup, F3 Config as the document explains. However, both work fine.
Centroid Fine DRO Adjustment.pdf
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Centroid Coarse DRO Adjustment.pdf
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