Denford ORAC w/Acorn conversion for sale

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Denford ORAC w/Acorn conversion for sale


Hi guys,
I have a Denford Orac lathe I converted to an Acorn a few years ago when they first came out. I had it all working but I’ve had 2 strokes since then which wiped out any brain cells that understood CNC stuff. I thought I could re-learn the stuff but alas, it ain’t gonna happen; so it needs to move on to someone that can use it. It is equipped as follows: I am in Collierville, TN and I'm asking $1200 for the whole thing. (901)647-6919

1 – Denford Orac 8X20?-ish lathe with original Denford tailstock w/DRO
1 – Custom made steel bracing structure to add stiffness to lathe/enclosure
1 – Custom made X-axis plate with 2 wedge-style AXA tool posts set up for gang tooling
1 – ER-32 Collet chuck with custom 4-screw precision adjusting function
1 – Custom pull-out equipment tray for electronic components
1 – Acorn version 1 board W/Pro software upgrade
1 – Acorn 24V Power supply
1 – Aftermarket relay board
1 – Centroid WMPG-4 Wireless MPG
1 - Heidenhain ROD1020 Encoder
2 - Longs DM542A Stepper Drivers
2 – Longs 269 oz/in, 3.0A Stepper motors
1 – Longs 36V, 10A Stepper power supply
1 – Each, Meanwell 5V, 12V & 24V Power supplies
1 – Baldor ¾ hp. DC motor with 2 speed belt reduction drive system
1 – KBCC-125R Reversing Speed Control with built-in heat sink & braking resistor
1 – KBSI-240D Signal Isolator
1 – Custom made Z-axis optical part probe
1 – Custom made X/Z Conductive tool touch off device
1 – Custom made X & Z-axis optical sensors on the end of the dual shaft X & Z stepper motors to give precision X & Z-axis homing
1 - Custom made adjustable-rate precision micro-lube oil dispenser
Orac encoder.jpg
Orac KBCC-125R.jpg
Orac toolposts.jpg
Orac ER-32 chuck.jpg
Orac tailstock.jpg
Orac tray out.jpg
Orac door open.jpg
Orac WMPG-4.jpg
Milton in Collierville, TN

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