Custom CNC Bridge Mill For Sale

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Custom CNC Bridge Mill For Sale

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For Sale: Custom CNC Bridge Mill

Designed for accurate 2D cutting and 3D surfacing of Foam, FiberGlass, Wood and Aluminum.
A perfect mix between a Milling Machine and a Router. Machine performance is in the sweet spot for 3D surfacing. It has the accuracy of a Milling Machine with the speed of a Router.

Key Features

- Travels:

X = 778 mm (30.625”)
Y = 973 mm (38.375”)
Z = 308 mm (12.125”)

- Rapid positioning 10,000 mm/min, typical fastest 3D feedrate moves are in the 5000-6000 mm/min range

- Centroid M39 closed loop CNC Controller. Allin1DC with DC servos that are powered by regular 110 VAC 20 amp house hold plug.
Windows 10, SSD, powerful CNCPC with Asus Motherboard, DC servos. Latest CNC12 software with Pro License. Touch Screen compatible. Physical Operator control pendant and/or Virtual Operator Control Pendant.

- Made in Japan Ballscrews and Linear Rail on all axes. Dual Drive on Y axis, Two paired servo motors and Two ballscrews. Auto Squaring and Homing.

- Machine runs on Single phase 208-240 volts AC and a regular 110 vac 20 amp outlet.

- No forklift needed to place the machine. Machine un bolts into three main parts and can be lifted by 3-4 men and wheeled into position

- add a china spindle or order the ATC offered below and you are ready to go.


CNC control is future proof and full of useful time saving features

- CNC control is Rack Mount ATC ready
- CNC control is Auto Tool Touch off ready
- CNC control is has Pro License so unlimited file size and advanced smoothing for easy 3D file execution with fast smooth results.
- Software updates add new features
- Communicates via Ethernet cable to PC
Optional Equipment

- Wireless MPG controller $300
- Probing and Digitizing Software so you can copy existing shapes and import the digitizing data into a CAD system. $449
- Made in USA KP-3 Touch off and Digitizing Probe $699
- Made in USA ATC spindle with Hitachi Inverter $4000
- Mace in USA Tool Touch Off device. $1350
- On-site CNC setup and training $120 per hour.

See PDF attached for photos.

FOB Avon NC 27915 Contact Keith at
Come and pick it up with a trailer or send a truck for shipping.
I will build a fully enclosed plywood shipping crate for $700
CNC Bridge Mill for sale.pdf
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