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Emco 6p CNC w Centroid Acorn FS

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:26 pm
by MasterThrash
Turn key.

Pristine condition. Previously only cut plastic (as original) and was then stored away. Found almost as new. I've done all work myself to be used for the precision of watchmaking. I'm in need of a different layout for my unique needs so she's got to go and another Acorn retrofit will be in motion. Many more photos available. CNC Keith and Marty where a HUGE help in this, the PLC, and more. Many thanks to these fine gentlemen helping us all. This is an incredible and precise machine the way it is set up now. Save months of work and get to work instead.

VFD input is 220v single phase.

Pneumatic spindle and tail working perfectly.

1- DMM Dyn 4 servos all around
2- Pnuematic tailstock restored and working as new
3- New 220v motor
4- VFD Automation Direct
5- Custom working 8 tool Turret PLC
6- Turret has additional 4 position ER collet acceptance
7- 8 tool turret working off of Acorn
8- Separate control box for Acorn board and DMM Dyn4 servo controllers
9- Original Emco motor included
10- Original 390v Emco motor power supply included
11- NUC computer runs all
12- Base included
13- Original paint
14- Touchscreen
15- Touchscreen arm
16_ Custom ER32 collet on spindle
17- Also have the original Rhome pneumatic 3 jaw chuck working perfectly, included. Basically the price of the machine just for that piece.


Pickup in Charlotte, North Carolina or purchaser arranges crating and shipping at purchasers cost.
DM for more info and more pics

Re: Emco 6p CNC w Centroid Acorn FS

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:31 am
by Lewis
I want to buy a CNC router machine with high cost performance. Can you give me some suggestions? This is the list of machines I looked at