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Jet/Grizzly Machine equipment and electronics off my diy mill

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 4:15 am
by kingtt
please email me
Located in wilmington NC, will ship electronics

Jet 48" Brake and Shear matching set (2007 models), 3500 for both

Jet 9x42 mill, power x feed, 4000 rpm, Accurite DRO- 5000 (2007 model) ~20 hours run using acorn, parts looked pretty good for what it is. Comes with 3 phase converter and r8 collet set -$5000

Grizzly G0602 mini lathe Quick change post and live center add ons. boring and turning tool, knurling, parting. 3 and 4 jaw chucks. misc tooling. (2012 model)-$1200

Vetrax band saw,14 1/8 throat, 1 hp, single phase, i bought it from a business auction in 2012- 1500

Acetylene bottle setup, cart and bottles included- used twice since fill.

Looking to sell my electronics kit.
everything purchased oct 2019-

Accorn- 325
Has Mill Pro upgrade,
include e stop switch

Power supply-1000 watt, 48V, 20 amp- Ran all three simultaneously $50

(3) DM860d stepper drivers- $45

(2) 1800 nema 34- $50

(1) 640 nema 34- no name off amazon- short body. $40

please email me