KBMG 212D with SIMG, CNC4PC C89, Acorn Setup

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KBMG 212D with SIMG, CNC4PC C89, Acorn Setup

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Quickie video to show how to wire and setup the KB Electronics KBMG 212D with its SIMG signal Isolator to a CNC4PC C89 analog control board to Centroid Acorn.

C89 basically will take the Centroid ACORN 0-10VDC Spindle Analog Output and with a VFD Direction Input, will convert the output to +/- 0-10VDC for use with drives that require both a positive and negative 0-10VDC input such as many DC drives.

Be sure to follow the KB Electronics KBMG 212D and SIMG manuals to set your DC Brush motor up correctly (Or your drive manufacturer's manual)
Be sure to fuse the AC side and the DC Brush side properly. HIGHLY recommended that you run the DRIVE ENABLE line through an Estop contactor contact so that when there is a fault or you hit the Estop contactor, it will stop your spindle (opening the enable circuit)

Information for reference only. Its up to you to integrate and wire things up properly.
CNC4PC C89: https://www.cnc4pc.com/c89-10vdc-analog ... board.html
KB Electronics KBMG Manual: https://acim.nidec.com/drives/kbelectro ... ashx?la=en
KB Electronics SIMG Manual: https://acim.nidec.com/drives/kbelectro ... ashx?la=en

Wiring Diagram Sketch:
C89 KBMG-212D SIMG to Acorn _20210801_073331.jpg
C89 KBMG-212D SIMG to Acorn _20210801_073320.pdf
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