New VCP and WMPG mods from Version 4.79 up

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New VCP and WMPG mods from Version 4.79 up

Post by suntravel »

I made a custom VCP for my lathe, reduced to the functions a normal small lathe DIY CNC conversion needs and added the new 2axis jog functions.
VCP file is attached, if someone wants to use it.

XY jogging is a new feature in Acorn 4.79, but can be used for XZ jogging on a lathe too

I also edited the PLC for the WMPG:
Macro1 turn on/off Mist Cooling
Macro2 jogs simultaneous jogs in +X and +Z direction
Macro3 sets Feedrate Override to 20%
Macro3 sets Feedrate Override to 100%

Don´t be afraid of using the PLC for customizing, it is not as hard as it looks.

Set up Notepad++ like described in TB294
Read in the PLC manual to get an idea of the logic it works with
Make a copy of the original PLC file
Place a comment line above every change you edit in the PLC and add a Keyword to the comment line (in my case I use my name) to make it easy with search to find what's messed up :mrgreen:
Hit F6 to compile, power cycle the Acorn board and test your thing.

This here makes the WMPG buttons not to run the macros:

; MpgMacro1-4_M not to run an macro UWE
;MPG Macro Keys
;IF (MpgMacro1_M && !PlasmaWMPG_M) || (MpgSpinAutoMan_M && PlasmaWMPG_M) THEN (MpgMacro1PD)
;IF (MpgMacro2_M && !PlasmaWMPG_M) || (MpgMacro1_M && PlasmaWMPG_M) THEN (MpgMacro2PD)
;IF (MpgMacro3_M && !PlasmaWMPG_M) THEN (MpgMacro3PD)
;IF (MpgMacro4_M && !PlasmaWMPG_M) THEN (MpgMacro4PD)

This here makes Macro2 on the WMPG to jog in +X+Z direction:

; XZ + Jog with || MpgMacro2_M UWE
; | 4+ |
; Z- -- -- Z+ X- -- -- X+
; | |
; X+ 4- Y+ Z-
IF (Ax1PlusJogKey || KbJogAx1Plus_M || SkinJogAx1Plus_M || MpgAxis1JogPlus_M ||
SkinJogAx1Ax2Plus_M || MpgMacro2_M || SkinJogAx1PlusAx2Minus_M ||
(ShuttleAxisJogPlusKey && ShuttleAxis1Selected)) && !Ax1PlusJogDisabled_M &&
!(IncrContLED && FinalFeedOverride_W == 0) THEN (DoAx1PlusJog)
IF (Ax1MinusJogKey || KbJogAx1Minus_M || SkinJogAx1Minus_M || MpgAxis1JogMinus_M ||
SkinJogAx1Ax2Minus_M || SkinJogAx1MinusAx2Plus_M ||
(ShuttleAxisJogMinusKey && ShuttleAxis1Selected) ) && !Ax1MinusJogDisabled_M &&
!(IncrContLED && FinalFeedOverride_W == 0) THEN (DoAx1MinusJog)
IF (Ax2MinusJogKey || KbJogAx2Minus_M || SkinJogAx2Minus_M || MpgAxis2JogPlus_M ||
SkinJogAx1Ax2Minus_M || SkinJogAx1PlusAx2Minus_M || MpgMacro2_M ||
(ShuttleAxisJogMinusKey && ShuttleAxis2Selected)) && !Ax2PlusJogDisabled_M &&
!(IncrContLED && FinalFeedOverride_W == 0) THEN (DoAx2PlusJog)
IF (Ax2PlusJogKey || KbJogAx2Plus_M || SkinJogAx2Plus_M || MpgAxis2JogMinus_M ||
SkinJogAx1Ax2Plus_M || SkinJogAx1MinusAx2Plus_M ||
(ShuttleAxisJogPlusKey && ShuttleAxis2Selected)) && !Ax2MinusJogDisabled_M &&
!(IncrContLED && FinalFeedOverride_W == 0) THEN (DoAx2MinusJog)

You can see the other changes in my PLC file.

The original PLC is very well build and everything is described in the PLC how it works. If you have made a backup, easy to go back I you messed something up. The compiler will also give you detailed information if something is wrong and the compile is not successful.

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