New Build: Emco F1F_V00 Concept Mill 55 ATC

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New Build: Emco F1F_V00 Concept Mill 55 ATC

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Hi all,
Recent reader, first time poster.

I picked up an Emco Concept Mill 55 with mist coolant and ATC and want to retrofit it with the Acorn CNC controller. I've not done this before and am studying up on schematics and VFDs but have not touched a single wire as of this writing, inside any machine other than a shapeoko.

I read through the posts for the PC Turn 55 Lathe ( which I also have) but after a year of part time study am still reluctant to meddle with innards despite having a really clear schematic for the acorn. I'm hoping that I can through this project help other mill owners by producing a good guide and have the wherewithall to pull some wires and finally start making chips!

I read through cnckeith s prepost guide and set up photo links etc and hope this will be helpful to someone after me.

If you've been down this road or one like it, I'd love to hear your story!

Acorn 4.64

Windows 10 Pro version 20H2 64 bit
Version Build 19042.1052

i5 4570-T 2.90 Ghz
12.0 GB RAM

Link to electrical schematics

Link to internal images

Link to components
VFD: LENZE E82EV751-2C ... -0__EN.pdf
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