New Router Finished with a tip and a possible bug

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New Router Finished with a tip and a possible bug

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Hi all,
This is my second machine, and it started up easily. It needs some side panels, dust shoe, etc., but everything works. I'll post in the Success Stories once I have a video of it cutting along with more detailed pictures also, but here is what it looks like-
So the "tip" is that I had a problem with unstable analog voltage (again,) and a .1mfd capacitor as shown made it rock solid, again. This time speed was stable except during axis movement. I think it's more of an impedance problem rather than noise.
The possible Bug may be intentional. With my configuration, no axis brake release would work on output 2, but (axis 3 at least) works on output 3. I attached a report in case anyone wants to look.
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