What is a "Build Thread"?

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What is a "Build Thread"?

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A "Build Thread" is a post that you create where all the information, questions and answers about your CNC machine tool build will live.

A "Build Thread" = One post, one thread, one photo album, one youtube channel, one google drive folder, etc.. everything in one spot start to finish.

A build thread is an effective way to receive timely technical support verses random posts scattered all over place :D ...since with a "build thread" your entire project lives in one place... with a build thread when you ask a question weeks into a project you will not have to repeat yourself when we ask about the information that is needed to answer your questions. The build thread provides the big picture of your project and you are much more likely to receive good timely answers and feedback. A good example of a build thread is here.


What kind of Machine? POST PHOTOS and VIDEO!
Create a online photo album of your project put a ton of photos of everything you are doing in the album so all photo are in one place. Then you can paste the link to the photo album in any thread and anyone trying to help you will see the whole project at once which will give us a much better idea of what you are working with and therefore give you good advice. each picture is worth 1000 words.

We strongly suggest that all users create an online photo album using any one of the many free photo services like Google photos. This allows all your machine and control photos to be in ONE location and provides a "history" of your machine/project, then you can easily post one link here in the forum and we can see all the photos or just the one you want to show us.. examples... Marty, Kai and I have been using google photo albums for this.. here is an example. https://photos.app.goo.gl/foisQ42QZEbmA4Nv1

We can not stress enough the importance of PHOTOS. PHOTOS are key to us being able to see what you see. Post a description and photos of the machine tool and all its cnc controlled accessories. Picture is worth a thousand words and clears up misunderstanding instantly. The best way is to use a free online photo album service like Google Photos. Upload large high resolution images to the Google Photos, create an Album, put all your photos in one album and click "share" and then "get link" and copy the link it generates and post in your thread, then any one with the link can view the photos.

You can post photos directly to the forum using the Attachment tab. but we would prefer you us a online photo album and post the link to it so all your images will be in one spot, not spread over a bunch of posts..having all the photos in one location makes it easier for all to understand your project and give you good advice.
Post Video's on YouTube and put links to the video in your post.

Include Screen Shots.

Press CTRL P in the Wizard. it creates a PDF with screen shots of all the Wizard screens.

or Make them with the built-in free Windows Snipping Tool to show us exactly what you are seeing. Here is a video showing how to do this.
Need support? READ THIS POST first. http://centroidcncforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=1043
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Answers to common questions: viewforum.php?f=63
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