Using Parker servo as spindle

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Using Parker servo as spindle

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I have a Parker ac servo and Gemini controller that I would like to be able to use as a lathe spindle motor if possible. The controller can utilize either +/-10V or step and direction input. The Acorn analog output is 0-10V so that won't work directly, but Axiomatic and others make a signal converter that can convert 0-10V to +/-10V (not sure what is lost in the process). I'm not an electronics guy, but maybe someone can chime in and let me know if this is possible. If this scheme is feasible I won't have to buy a new motor and VFD. I think Mach3/4 had a feature to set up step/direction spindles, but as I far as I can tell the Acorn controller doesn't have this feature. I'm in the Acorn budget category. The lathe is an old but very nice Dynamyte 3000. The original dc servo spindle motor still works fine, but I don't have any documentation on it, and it may not be possible to use Acorn to control it.

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