Using NC files that were posted for Mach3- same Mill

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Re: Using NC files that were posted for Mach3- same Mill

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cncsnw wrote: Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:51 pm The program looks like common Fanuc-style G codes. It graphs in CNC12 without errors.

As you note, the X/Y coordinates of the first hole in each drilling pattern is omitted, so to make it run right you need to set Centroid Machine Parameter 2 to a value of 2.0.

There is nothing wrong with comments in parentheses. A long time ago, Centroid did not allow parenthetical comments as line-end comments (only as full-line comments) but all recent versions (last ten years?) have allowed parenthetical comments to follow other codes on the line.

Always use F8/Graph to verify that no errors are reported, and that the toolpath looks like what you are expecting.

If you are curious about how Centroid G codes differ from standard G codes (hint: they don't) see
This is the kind of info I'm looking for. Any insight into tool offsets? This is something that I don't see in the existing files - I always touched off each tool. I do go in and change tool numbers and add offsets to align with my current tool selection.
I've been up and running with the Centroid Acorn for less than a month and I still have a bunch of details to work out. I have been curious about all those parameters...the only one I've modified is #40 to be able to move 0.0001 during turns ratio calcs.
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Re: Using NC files that were posted for Mach3- same Mill

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Any insight into tool offsets?
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