keyboard shortcuts as VCP buttons?

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keyboard shortcuts as VCP buttons?

Post by rsewell »

Hey All,

Newbie with Acorn, but relatively experienced CNC router'er. I teach at a college and have been customizing my VCP to make some of the controls more intuitive for the students. I had hoped to create two custom AUX keys in the VCP:
1) Key to prompt the MDI panel so students could quickly direct the machine to specific coordinates
2) Key to prompt the ATC panel

Centroid Acorn Pro
CNC12 Acorn Mill v4.50
Machine - Forest 3-axis (48x48) CNC router w/8 tool ATC (back rack finger style)
Spindle: HSD ATC 5hp

I have tried a few things already:
• Used the Wizard & "Virtual Control Panel Aux key Macro Assignments" to re-assign the M-Function in both aux keys
• tried to write my own mcode for mfunc57 to prompt the tool change dialogue box, but my skills are not up to par

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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