Mill Intercon Conversational Programing

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Mill Intercon Conversational Programing

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To be honest I have not used the intercon conversational programing since I have been using the acorn over the last 2 years. For years I have been writing programs long hand for simple quick operations. I bought the full version so I could use the CAM features for quick programing instead of hand writing programs. There are very little videos on program creating but it is self explanitory for a seasoned machinist for the most part. Here are some issues I have and suggestions for improvements.

When I pull up a canned cycle in intercon I do not see the graphic. Is there a way to turn that on?

Also could someone please add in Helical ramping as a ramping feature? I tried using pocket clean out with a ramp at 2 degrees and it works but it feeds down into the part before starting the ramp. (No good)

Please add Helical boring cycle.

Please add in a feature to be able to force absolute programing everywhere it says INC and it cannot be changed?

In the near future could someone create a form or something to drop in ideas or problems found in the Intercom software for future development. This software has great potential especially for quick part programming. It is a very powerful program with tons of potential.
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