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plasma acorn

Post by jcoldon »

some questions i like to do a acorn plasma setup and use a neuron thc unit
to run it i need on off outputs spindle m3 m5 that should work
then m62 m63 turn on output turn thc off that output that should work

now the question need an input for ok to move = ARC ok.. Then if that input is removed all motion stops Can this be dun an ok to move input ??

i been doing plasma a long time lots of builds. i have a cnc plasma table build fb page also .
never used centroid looking for that new controller and thc is very important
neuron the best thc out there and it very fast it wires to the z axis motor directly and can do 400 ipm and is full auto voltage

using a neuron thc all settings for plasma are in the system even oxi
i have a neuron light it can run with a stand alone windows pannel control i could run on screen with the centroid program
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