ProLight 3000 turning center retrofit (Build Log)

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ProLight 3000 turning center retrofit (Build Log)

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I am retrofitting a prolight 3000 turning center to Acorn w/ Leadshine closed loop steppers. This machine has a 4 position tool turret.
Machine is setup for Nema 23 with 1/4 diameter shafts. The stock motors are 2.9 amp open loop steppers. You could run these from a stepper drive but I have elected to replace them with leadshine CS-M22323-S closed loop steppers and CS-D1008 Drives. This stepper motor is short enough to fit within the X axis enclosure. The CS-D508 drive is the ideal match for these motors but I already have CS-D1008 drives on hand. The CS-D1008 can accept AC bus voltage meaning I only need a step down transformer which I have on hand.
The lathe has some kind of built in speed control. It also has something that looks like an encoder or tachometer. I will try to reuse these parts if possible. I might gut the enclosure and relocate these parts to the cabinet to make it easier to work on.
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