Looking for suggestions for automation

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Looking for suggestions for automation

Post by carboncymbal »

I am working on a use case that uses the acorn on a machine that does repetitive cuts on parts that are mounted on a palletized fixture system. I’d like to have the fixture labeled with a barcode scanner that identifies the specific cut file used for the pallet loaded into the machine. At a very simple level, I can encode the file path/name on a 2d barcode and have an operator open a new Gcode file, scan the barcode with a scanner to open the correct file, and run the program.

I’m interested in learning about ways I could have even greater automation in the process and increased error proofing. For example, It would be great if I could develop a workflow where the operator pressed a button to initiate a cycle, which triggers an automatic reading of a barcode via either a fixed or cnc machine mounted barcode scanner, then used that information to select the correct cut file.

Can someone point me in the right direction for something like this? Can M-codes be made to initiate a file opening? If not, what is the programming language I would use to extend the capability of CNC12?

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