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Re: Drive Fault

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Dbur525 wrote: Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:00 pm Hi Marty
Yes, the controller box for my lathe contains the acorn board and small DMM servos , drive the axis's
I had an encoder mounted to the back of the lathe spindle tube, which i know is not the correct way of doing it, but it was quick and easy, and i wanted to get up and running threads asap. The thought was to go back at a later date and 3 D print gears and machine a bracket , for the encoder mounting. The delta vfd did not have a controll panel installed, so i had to buy that and it pligged into the vfd, so you could access the vfd perimeters.
As it turned out, i haven't really needed to do any threading anyways,but it still would be nice to have the option.
I have tons of mill work to do
In fact im planning on posting you tube vids soon, showing the mill running
So then is Acorn controlling the lathe spindle or not?
Don't 3D print gears, just buy them and bore them to fit the spindle.....

Better dig in and learn how to do this stuff! ;)

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