Stepperonline CL86Y motor wiring error

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Stepperonline CL86Y motor wiring error

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Hey Folks,

Just wanted to share the color code error in the manual for the Stepperonline CL86Y. Finally, got to changing the NEMA34 steppers on my Hardinge HC/Omni Turn slide with Acorn board with closed loop steppers with CL86Y drivers. The main problem for changing was the threading with regular steppers was inconsistent and kept ruining parts. I was following color code printed in the manual for the motor and the system was totally confused, throwing drive errors. After measuring it and few times trying/changing polarity the correct color code is A+ Green, A- White, B+ Black, B- Blue for CW direction. The encoder wiring is fine. The threading now is perfect and very consistent.

Hope this is of help for someone.

Best, M
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