F1210HS - Questions on wiring diagram

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F1210HS - Questions on wiring diagram

Post by LorenzoRR »

Hi Marty,

I have few questions about drawing S15031 (wiring diagram 220V single phase):

(my closed loop steppers are rated 6.0 Amps max)

1) Do I understand correctly that contactor 1 needs 6 lines and 1 for coil 24VDC?
How can I get so many, because I am able to find only 3poles+1 NC+1 coil 24VDC: example, Siemens SIRIUS 3RT2017-1BB42 https://www.automation24.es/contactor-s ... 2017-1bb42

2) What is OCR2?
3) What means "HIGH-LOW RANGE SWITCH/ NC" in "IN3"?
4) I understand that switches for home/limit are the same, and discrimination of what to do comes from sinking in inputs "IN1" or "IN2", correct?
Thanks very much.

Prototyping with: EMCO CT60, Klipfeld K120 and Wabeco F1210HS
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