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help us help you

Post by martyscncgarage »

Many of us read multiple posts from individuals needing help. we wished we could run out and visit with each one of you to SEE your setup and help you individually. We simply can't do that.

Remember, we can't "see" what you see! We don't know how you wired your system, we don't know which drivers you used, we don't know anything about your machine. I know either we make assumptions that the people we ask for help have seen it all, seen ever drive, have every manual memorized. We don't :D

Many of us have day jobs and we spend considerable time here trying to help you, help make Acorn a success. So if you could PLEASE spend a little time and follow this post, (don't get lazy!) it would help all of us GREATLY help you!

Some key things:
1: If you have no basic experience with electronics or electricity, or computers, get some help.
2: Make sure you get a PC that meets minimum system requirements
3: Benchtest Acorn with the PC and establish communication FIRST. Get them talking to each other. Everything you need including a resource sheet comes in the box with Acorn!
4: Test the Spindle Analog Output of Acorn before connecting a spindle drive/VFD to it.
5: Make sure you install the 24VDC jumper from the Acorn Power Connector to the designated +24VDC input terminal on Acorn so as to enable the inputs.
6: Wire ONE axis drive and ONE axis motor to the drive. Work on getting that going on the bench with Acorn (DO NOT DO ANY OF THIS WITH THE MOTOR ON and CONNECTED TO THE MACHINE!) If you are having troubles at this point, stop and ask for help.
7: Please post links to the manuals of the drives, motors, power supplies you are using. No or poor information will get you nothing but guesses and poor help if any.
8: Post which Centroid Acorn schematic you used to wire your drive. (Take time to double check your wiring)
9: Please post screen shots of your Wizard pages. Use Windows 10 Snipping tools to capture each one. Its a good idea to have these screen shots for your working machine anyway. (Store them and a good report off the CNC PC, it will help you you restore things should your CNC PC Crash)
10: Please post a fresh report (F7 Utility, F7 Create Report) when asking for help. There is a lot of valuable information in it, including logs that might help point to the issue.
11: Start your own "New Topic", don't start posting your issue in someone else's topic even though they are similar. It becomes confusing who we are helping and more importantly we may go off on a tangent helping the new poster and not finish helping the old poster. We will try to be courteous and PM you asking you to start your own "New Topic"

Make an effort. In otherwords try your best to work through your problem. Don't automatically come here and ask us to "do it for you"

Believe me, we get as frustrated as you do with your problem, because we don't have enough or good information to help you!

Remember, we can't "SEE" what you see.....

Kindest regards and hoping for your understanding. There are many very experienced people on this forum and growing. Be respectful of their time and willingness to volunteer to help everyone out.

Reminder, for support please follow this post: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=383
We can't "SEE" what you see...
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