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ALL Acorn Documentation

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Acorn CNC controller Start Here setup webpage and videos. ... guide.html

Acorn "Start Here" sheet included with all Acorn kits. ... t_here.pdf

Acorn Installation Manual. ... manual.pdf

AcornSix Installation Manual ... manual.pdf

How to Configure Windows 10/11 for CNC control use. ... ds/309.pdf

All Acorn CNC controller Hookup Schematics: Use the search to narrow results "acorn" , "leadshine" , "plasma" etc. ... browse.php

Centroid CNC12 v5.0 Mill, Router, Lathe and Plasma Software Download: ... loads.html

Centroid Acorn CNC12 v5.0 release notes. ... _notes.pdf

Centroid Acorn CNC12 v5.0 update instructions. ... ctions.pdf

Acorn CNC12 Acorn Wizard Input and Output “canned” PLC functions and M codes ... s_v4.8.pdf

Acorn CNC12 parameters list see the updated CNC12 v5.0 Mill and Lathe operators manuals (links below) the CNC12 parameter section of the manual has been updated with Acorn and AcornSix related parameters. (Note: The AcornSix and Acorn Wizard will set these parameters for you.)

Acorn Laser Hookup, Setup and Sync Test instructions ... ds/326.pdf

Acorn Wireless MPG ... ss_mpg.pdf
Acorn Plasma Wireless MPG ... WMPG-4.pdf

Centroid Mill Operator Manual ... manual.pdf

Centroid Lathe Operator Manual ... manual.pdf

Acorn Probe Setup Guide ... _setup.pdf

Centroid TT-4 Tool Touch Off Probe Users Manual. ... manual.pdf

Centroid KP-3 Touch Probe Users Manual. ... _probe.pdf

Acorn Axis Pairing and Auto Squaring Guide ... _guide.pdf

Teknic Clearpath Hard Stop Homing and Autosquaring. ... ds/320.pdf

Ether1616 Setup Guide ... _guide.pdf

Introduction to Centroid CNC Macro Programming ... amming.pdf

Centroid VCP 2.0 Users manual ... manual.pdf

Acorn G-code Smoothing User Manual ... manual.pdf

Acorn_rev4 CNC Controller Specifications Manual (current shipping Acorn control boards are revision 4 (rev_4)) ... manual.pdf

Acorn Machine Tool Safety Device configuration. (door switches and door interlocks, discussion of other types as well such as light curtains, foot pedals etc) ... erlock.pdf

Acorn 8 Relay Module data sheet. ... asheet.pdf

Using the CNC12 PLC Input Output diagnostic screen documentation. ... screen.pdf

Acorn Encoder basics, setup and Rigid Tapping Parameters.

All Centroid CNC control related Solid Models. ...

Acorn Plasma

Acorn CNC12 Plasma Post Processor.
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Acorn Plasma User Manual. ... manual.pdf

Offline Plasma Intercon installer ... loads.html

DIY CNC Gear we use but don't sell. ... _gear.html

Acorn CNC controller buyers FAQ

Teknic Clearpath setup guide.

Delta AC servo drive for Acorn use Setup instructions. ... ds/303.pdf

Yaskawa AC Servo drive setup for Acorn use. ... ds/307.pdf

Estun Pronet AC servo drive setup for Acorn use. ... ds/306.pdf

Two Acorn CNC Forum categories with specific information in both text and video format have been setup.
Please review these knowledge base forums for info on specific Acorn subjects.

Acorn Technical How-To CNC Videos

Acorn Technical Tips on specific CNC subjects

Acorn CNC Logo in .DXF, .DWG and .SVG ...

Centroid logos are at the bottom of this page.

Acorn How-To YouTube Channels

Centroid Technical Support YouTube Channel.

Marty's CNC Garage YouTube Channel. ... GVQ/videos

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Archival Documentation.

Centroid CNC12 v4.82 Mill, Router, Lathe and Plasma Software Download: ... loads.html

Acorn CNC12 v4.80 ATC programs and instructions ...

Centroid Acorn CNC12 v4.80 release notes. ... _notes.pdf

Centroid Acorn CNC12 v4.80 update instructions. ... ctions.pdf

Alternative operator controls via keyboard emulators. ... ntrol.html
Contour Shuttle. ... uttle.html

Old Legacy Acorn Schematics for Acorn units sold in 2017/2018 ...

Acorn CNC12 parameter list for v4.5 ... meters.pdf

Acorn CNC12 v4.5 Acorn Wizard Input and Output “canned” PLC functions and M codes ... ns_4.5.pdf
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