Please Read Before posting questions here on the forum, and images required

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Please Read Before posting questions here on the forum, and images required

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Please Read Before posting questions here on the forum

When posting to the Forum it is imperative that you follow the Posting Guidelines
For a specific, timely answers to any questions on this forum, please take a few minutes to supply us with the information we need to answer your questions.

Include the following with your questions and requests for technical support.

1.) Attach a current REPORT.ZIP file.
The file contains error message logs, change logs, cnc configuration settings and plc program information. The Centroid CNC controller can be configured in an unlimited number of ways. Without this file we have no idea how you have your particular system is configured. So, without a FRESH file you are asking us to guess at what is going on. Be advised without a file, it drags out the time it takes to get to a resolution or no resolution or help at all! :-) So, please take 25 seconds and create and attach a file to your forum posts and we will all be happier. If you do not know what a file is, see this video here. and always post a Current report (not one from three weeks ago!)

2.) Include a list of the components used in the CNC system with Manuals and Schematics for non Centroid components.
What drives, motors, switches, etc. are being used? INCLUDE attachments or links to the axis drive and vfd manuals! Attach the CNC system schematic being followed (or the one you created yourself) that shows these connections. Add photos of these components and of the CNC installation. Use any one of the free online photo album services and post a comprehensive set of photos documenting your project and include it with your question so we can see what you are doing. Include links or copies of the Spec Sheets, User Manuals of the axis motor drives and spindle motor drive. etc..etc.

3.) What kind of Machine? POST PHOTOS and VIDEO!
We can not stress enough the importance of PHOTOS. PHOTOS are key to us being able to see what you see. Post a description and photos of the machine tool and all its cnc controlled accessories. Picture is worth a thousand words and clears up misunderstanding instantly. The best way is to use a free online photo album service like Google Photos. Upload large high resolution images to the Google Photos, create an Album, put all your photos in one album and click "share" and then "get link" and copy the link it generates and post in your thread, then any one with the link can view the photos.
we suggest that all users create an online photo album using any one of the many free photo services like Google photos. This allows all your machine and control photos to be in ONE location and provides a "history" of your machine/project, then you can easily post one link here in the forum and we can see all the photos or just the one you want to show us.. examples... Marty, Kai and I have been using google photo albums for this.. here is an example.
You can post photos directly to the forum using the Attachment tab. but we would prefer you us a online photo album and post the link to it so all your images will be in one spot, not spread over a bunch of posts..having all the photos in one location makes it easier for all to understand your project and give you good advice.
Post Video's on YouTube and put links to the video in your post.

4.) Include Screen Shots.
Make them with the built-in free Windows Snipping Tool to show us exactly what you are seeing. Here is a video showing how to do this.

5.) Include the CNCPC specs, cpu, ram, hd, OS, Touch Screen used and description of any other method of operator control being used.

For ACORN USERS be sure to LOOK at these links below before posting a question.

Acorn Setup Videos ... guide.html

Acorn Tech Support Videos.

Acorn Tech Tips, Knowledge Base

and be sure to use the Search Feature to find posts about the subject your are interested in here is how.
Need support? READ THIS POST first.
All Acorn Documentation is located here: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=3397
Answers to common questions: viewforum.php?f=63
and here viewforum.php?f=61
Gear we use but don't sell. ... _gear.html