Please Read Before posting request for Tech Support

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Please Read Before posting request for Tech Support

Post by cnckeith » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:42 pm

Please Read Before posting request for Tech Support

For a specific, timely answers to any questions on this forum, please take a few minutes to supply us with the information we need to answer.

Include the following with your questions and requests for Acorn technical support.

1.) Attach a current “” file. The file contains error message logs, change logs, cnc configuration settings and plc program information. The Acorn CNC controller can be configured in an unlimited number of ways. Without this file we have no idea how you have your particular Acorn system configured. So, without a file asking a question without providing us with this information is asking us to guess at what is going on. Be advised without a file, it drags out the time it takes to get to a resolution or no resolution or help at all! :-) So, please take 25 seconds and create and attach a file to your forum posts and we will all be happier. If you don’t know what a file is, see this video here. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=943 and always post a Current report (not one from three weeks ago!)

2.) List of the components connected to the Acorn board.. what drives, motors, switches etc. are being used? Attach the Acorn system schematic being followed (or the one you created yourself) that shows these connections. Add photos of these components and the Acorn board installation. Use any one of the free online photo album services and post a comprehensive set of photos documenting your project and include it with your question so we can see what you are doing. Include links or copies of the Spec Sheets, users manuals of the axis motor drives and spindle motor drive.

3.) Post a description and photos of the machine tool and all its cnc controlled accessories. Picture is worth a thousand words.

4.) Post photos or screen shots made with the Windows “snipping tool” or a cell phone showing software messages or whatever you have a specific question about to show us exactly what you are seeing.

5.) Post the CNCPC specs, cpu, ram, hd, OS, Touch Screen used and description of any other method of operator control being used.

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