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Quick Tip: Checking Network IP Address Settings

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:08 am
by martyscncgarage
I created this quickie video to help trouble shoot Ethernet communication between. Acorn and the CNCPC. The Centroid cnc software upon installation will automatically configure the ethernet port if you followed the quick start guide on the Acorn web page,( ... guide.html)

If you are still having ethernet issues this video shows you how to determine if the CNCPC ethernet port is working and then, if it is communicating with the Acorn CNC Controller. You can validate that your CNC PC's network address of is configured properly. As well as to use Windows PING to test it and test communications with Acorn's fixed IP address of

If you are having problems, post which IP address (CNC PC or ACORN) you could not Ping in your post.
As always, BE SURE to follow Centroid's Windows 10 Setup video. Remember this is a motion controlling PC, not a gaming PC or to play Angry Birds on! :D