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Quick Tip: Installing your Acorn Software License Unlock Code

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:23 pm
by martyscncgarage
This one is thanks to Orin:
If you purchased the PRO or ULTIMATE Level software, you will receive an Unlock license code via email. Here is how you install it:

From Liviu, Centroid Support:
The below instructions are going to be included with every unlock from now on:

Acorn License Installation Instructions:

1) Save the attached license.dat file on the CNCPC desktop
2) With Acorn powered up and running, Start the CNC12 software.
3) Press "F7" Utility menu
4) Choose the "F8" Option menu
5) Choose the "F2" Import Unlocks function. This will open a file dialog. Navigate to the desktop (or the location where the license file attachment was saved) and select the license.dat file. Click "Open". CNC12 will then respond with a message stating that the license was successfully imported.