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How to match up Pro License files with Acorn boards

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:20 pm
by cnckeith
Now that several users have multiple Acorn installations we've been asked whats the best way to match up a License file with the corresponding Acorn board. Here is how.

The license.dat file will have a filename that contains the Acorn serial number like this one.

the last digits 0186 is the Acorn serial number. this is displayed on the screen
and here is an example of the Acorn serial that is displayed on the CNC12 F1 setup screen.
cnc12 setup scree.JPG
cnc12 setup scree 94.JPG
the cnc12 screen show the system is 0094, this acorn # 94 so it would require a license file that matches.
like so.. license-985DAD489F1F-0823170094-pro-mill.dat

A file also contains the Acorn serial number and the date the report was created.
report serial.JPG