Setting up multiple machines & Software Licenses

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Setting up multiple machines & Software Licenses

Post by martyscncgarage » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:37 pm

I thought this needed its own thread:
Centroid_Tech wrote:
Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:12 pm
Marty is correct. The report feature does work as you would expect it to. If you take a report from a system that is running CNC12 v4.08, you can load that report onto another system that is running CNC12 v4.08 and all of your configuration files will be transferred. You should be able to just start using your second system without any issues. The problem is when you are using a report from an older system, let's say CNC12 v4.08, and installing it onto a system that is running a newer version of software, let's say CNC12 v4.10. With a new released version of software, there are changes that have been made either to the Wizard or the CNC12 software which affect some of the configuration files such as the PLC program and parameter files and etc. If you install a backup from an older software version which will overwrite the configuration files that are associated with the newer software version, there is going to be a conflict with those configuration files and the new version of software. if you are updating please follow the update instructions found here. ... ctions.pdf
Thanks for clarifying this & along these lines:

I had a discussion from another user. If someone were building 10 of the same machine, all using the most current revision of CNC12, and setup/configured the first machine. The builder could creat a backup from the configured machine and then RESTORE that backup to all of the machines. The answer IS yes, because they are all using the FREE version of the same revision of software.

It would not be until one or more of the machines required a software upgrade, in which case each would have to have a software upgrade purchased individually for a machine and the respective license applied to that machine only.

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