Ganesh Knee Mill Conversion

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Ganesh Knee Mill Conversion

Post by martyscncgarage » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:41 am

Bit of history,
I acquired a Ganesh 10x54 CNC knee mill from a friend of mine which saw very little use. It had a Mitutoyo Millstar III control on it. The control used standard Glentek servo motors and amplifiers. Mitutoyo control was good, sotware not so great. So I opted to go with a Centroid upgrade. I call it a success. Being an electrician by trade, Traffic Signal Tech by profession (now retired) made things easier for me. I would not suggest that someone without basic electrical/electronic skills undertake such a conversion, its not tough, but I found you need to understand the basics. I also took a stab at explaining the basic system circuits as I understood them in hopes it might help others. (No guarantees! :D )

Centroid software is SO much better, with so many extra features, including Intercon, their conversational programming software that helps those of us that are a little challenged in the CAD/CAM department, than the Millstar III control had. I was able to reuse my servo motors which were in like new shape. I refitted them with new 2000 line encoders. I also fitted the X&Y axis with limit switches that it did not have before. The Mitutoyo control used their glass scales on those axis while the Z used an encoder. The machine homed to markers on the scales.

I plan on doing a couple more conversions. I have an Emcoturn 240 and a Supermax mill came my way recently so it will likely be refitted first. I guess you can tell I like tinkering with CNC controls.
All I have to do now is run the systems test.

I plan on doing a couple more conversions.
I documented the conversion (all videos not up quite yet) on my YouTube channel, martyscncgarage ... wnjzer6GVQ.

Pictures on my google album:

Couple pictures below.
Ganesh M.JPG
The machine before with the Mitutoyo Millstar III control
Ganesh C.jpg
The machine after the Centroid All in One DC Conversion
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