Retrofits for world to see

Post your completed retrofits for the world to see.

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Retrofits for world to see

Post by vasanthlathes » Fri May 01, 2015 5:56 am

I have bought several CNC Controllers and Dc Servo Drives from Ajaxcnc and they have fitted to the following Machines.

1 . Daihatsu Japanese PNC Slant Bed Lathe, 1980 s model with ATC. 1NC 10 DC310 Fantastic still works
2 . OKK Japanese Bed Mill 1990 4 axis with CNC10, DC310. Works Beautiful yet.
3 . Ikegai FX25N Japanese Lathe 1990s ATC, MPU11 + DC310B works beautiful
4. Kasuga Japanese Medium Mill, fitted with CPU10 and DC310B beautiful, 4 axes
5. Chinese 6140B Lthe 4 way tool Post with CPU10 DC310 works beautiful
6. Indian Center Lathe with MPU11 DC310 B for Sri Lanka Navy almost completed.
7, Taiwan 4 axis Bed Mill 1300 mm X travel with MPU11 GP104D, Yaskawa 4Kw drives, 3 axes for Elastomeric Engineering (Global)
Sri Lanka, earlier Fanuc System 20 years Old
8 .Taiwan 3 Axis Bed Mill 1050 X axis movement, with CPU10 console and Centroid AC Servo Motors and 2Kw AC Drives, for
National Apprenticeship Board, Moratuwa Sri Lanka

What can I say?
Most Beautiful Low cost but Highly professional controllers and Drives


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