Spindle encoder / tool changer


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Spindle encoder / tool changer

Post by Sportbikeryder » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:11 pm

If a spindle encoder is added to a machine can the spindle orientation be commanded other than to a single fixed orientation? Intent would be positioning the spindle for some light automated broaching. In looking at the centroid software manuals, it appears to only have single positioning, although I an sure the encoder is also used for rigid tapping.

In addition our machine does not have a tool changer. After integration of an encoder, has a fixed station tool changer been utilized with a Centroid /ajax system? The picture below shows a fixed system, although some are on a single moving arm as well to translate the "fixed" rack to a remote location (presumably a digital 'A' or 'B' position)

Lastly, the machine is equipped with an sd3 controller, with an (unused) input for an spindle encoder, which presumably then transmits the position via optic cables. Is this the typical method of adding an encoder? Controller is a Linux based cnc10 system, although there may be room for an upgrade of the system to a new computer and cnc11 if practical.


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Re: Spindle encoder / tool changer

Post by cnckeith » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:58 pm

- spindle encoder orient for tool change is typically done by the orient board on the VFD, you can set it to any position required.
- yes a rack mount system is compatible with a centroid, you may need an i/o expansion board and certainly a PLC program that is customized to make the rack mount system work. rack mount atc's are very common on CNC routers.
- yes.
- I would suggest going with the Oak CNC control board which runs the latest software which would allow the use of modern tools to make adding an ATC less complicated.

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