GPIO4D AXIS Position Error


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GPIO4D AXIS Position Error

Post by Salman » Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:29 pm

i am in hair pulling sitution. When i Click on E-Stop even without any command the motor will start running for until an error will appear x-axis Position Error.
When i move motor by hand it count minus in CW direction and plus in CCW direction. and when the motor automaticaly move it alos move in right direction CW for Minus and CCW for Plus its mean every thing realated encoder works fine i even Creat a new Diagnostic Screen in Mach3 and See the actual Pulses (8000)/Rev.
i even tried the other Sockets(Y,Z) but result are same. it start automaticly when i Click on E-Stop.i check the Voltage on Analoge + - and there is reading in Mv some time + and some time -. i also try to adjest those Mv values in Servo Amp in analoge command offset voltage field but :(
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