Servo motor drag feedback used for control


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Servo motor drag feedback used for control

Post by rderkis » Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:54 pm

I have a all-in-one that is used on a Bridgeport R2D2 converted mill. I notice I can run a drag test that seems pretty detailed. Also as I run a program the axis supplied power shows on the screen as a green or red line as the axis moves.
I am familiar enough with computer programming to know that the power factor is being read into the MPU11 program as a variable. If that variable for each axis was available in the plc, it would give control like no other program has.
Some Examples Of How The PLC Could Use the Variables
If a axis displays a increase of drag (power needed to move the axis over a given distance) then give it a shot of lube to see if that rectifies the situation. In other words lube as need instead of guessing when to lube. No more over lube mess or under lube equipment damage.
If a axis displays a increase of drag above a specified amount Pause Operation until fixed.
It could even be used to control feed rate based on how fast a cut can be made in the real world.
An excess of power to a axis could mean a broken drill bit or a mill getting dull. Once again Pause till rectified.

I can't see how making those axis variables (one for each axis) available to the PLC would slow the program down.

When we machine by hand, for example using a drill press we gauge how hard to pull the lever based of feedback from our muscles. I just want my machine using my programming to kind of replicate that. I know it will never be as good but a little is better than nothing.

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