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Post by vasanthlathes » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:41 pm

Hello any one out there with this error, I posted this but no one responded. However I was right on my guess. O the MPU11 Board, the signals are sent and received by fiber optic cables. In my MPU11, the signal receiving socket which house a tiny optical device was faulty. I removed this Blue color unit by cutting off a small lock pad, removed a similar unit from an old DC310 Board ( different in shape, but connections are compatible) and soldered this to the MPU11. Now it does not give the error message and the machine is now working. If any one get this error like fiber 3 communication error, you should send the board to Ajaxcnc . Dont try what I did, unless you know how to safely remove these items without damaging delicate copper circuit tracks on the board. My post is only to educate users.

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