multi spindle rigid tapping


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multi spindle rigid tapping

Post by GR Mich » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:28 pm

Hi, I want to make a multi head tapping fixture using the GPIO4D.


A thin aluminum extrusion (.054?) has holes put in from the punch press die its ran through, maybe 12 holes need to be tapped 6-32 or smaller.

I build a nest for the part.

Using a linear rail and small ball screws, I make 12 little z axis's, same as a bed mill z axis, and position them on the nest.

I use the exact same 200 watt brushless servo motors and digital drives, one to turn the ball screw, the other to be the spindle motor. The digital drives can run on "step and direction" or analog.

The spindle motors rpm would be controlled with a pulse generator. From the same pulse generator, I send the exact same pulse stream to every spindle, so they would be going exactly the same rpm. The spindles digital drive is in the step and direction mode, catching my pulse stream for my spindle rpm speed as the step, and getting its forward and reverse signal from Ajax for the direction.

I wire up your GPIO4D motion board, and install it on tapping head #1 with limit homing switches, work envelope set, and the spindle has an encoder for rigid tapping. The Digital drive for the ball screw motor is in the velocity mode. This is the only drive that is in the velocity mode, the 23 other drives are set for step and direction.

Now, the encoder A & B signal coming from the brushless servo drive back to Ajax, also gets sent to the other 11 tappers ball screw servos, who are in the step and direction mode, simply following #1 tapping head.

The 11 tapping heads that follow tapping head #1, use their own built in limit switch feature, and all fault signals are wired in series back to Ajax, so if any tapping head fails, Ajax will shut down the whole operation.

Will this work?

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