THANK YOU GANG!! System test passed today.


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THANK YOU GANG!! System test passed today.

Post by countryguy » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:44 pm

Well now, that is quite some systems test! Thought it would home it a few times and be on my way. LOL :P A few tweaks on software limits and a motor 90' turn- Passed! that that is a great feeling. My reign of terror on your BB is done I fear ;-) Time to put our first steel job in the next day or two.

Thanks a ton everyone for your continued help and support! I honestly love this setup. Thanks Team Centroid, Ajax, MArio, Scott, Chuck, Keith, Liviu, and anyone in-between I've left out.
Off to putting G-code in and reading even more of your Manuals.

Jeff J. Over and out for now.

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